16-year-old girl accidentally shot during break-in

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A teenager is in a medically-induced coma following a home invasion Thursday, while the sheriff laid much of the blame on the woman who rents the house.

Sheriff Chris Nocco said the home was targeted because it is a known drug house.

"This is a drug house. They sell drugs at this house. They poison the community. They put people at harm. They put their neighbors at harm," Nocco said during a news conference. "You have a young girl who is in a life-or-death situation."

Three men, one who was armed, barged into a home on Garfield Drive at around 1 a.m., shouting for the boyfriend of Karen Clark, who rents the house.

Sheriff Chris Nocco said the boyfriend came out of a room with a shotgun and fired a round. As pulled the trigger, a 16-year-old girl ran into the scene and was hit in the shoulder by a bullet. The three men who invaded the home got away.

"That poor girl, she's in a bad situation," said Nocco, adding Clark shoulders much of the blame. "Everything that Karen has been allowing in this house caused this young girl to be put in harm's way."

The sheriff said two 15-year-olds who were in the home were more concerned about hiding their drugs at a nearby house than trying to help the suffering teenager.

Clark is charged with several crimes, including operating a drug house. Colton Conrad, 19, is accused of being a felon in possession of ammunition. They and the two 15-year-olds are also facing drug charges.

The man who fired the gun was not arrested.

Nocco said this is the second time in five months this same house has been hit by criminals.