$75 million in relief soon available to renters and homeowners in Florida

Help is on the way for Florida renters and homeowners struggling because of the pandemic. Starting Monday, $75 million in relief funds will be available to Floridians who can apply for assistance to help with monthly payments.

Millions of dollars in relief will soon be up for grabs for renters and homeowners facing financial strains.

"Hundreds of thousands of Floridians who may have already had difficulty making ends meet are now suffering even more," Governor Ron DeSantis said.

The pandemic is forcing some Floridians out of work and making it nearly impossible for some to make their normal monthly rent or mortgage payment.  DeSantis is stepping in to help by announcing Friday a total of 120 million in funding from the CARES act will be directed to local governments to provide rental and mortgage assistance.

"Losing a job. Not being able to find a job. Having to figure out how to pay for child care while schools were in distance learning has been a profound disruption to people's lives," DeSantis said.

In less than 24 hours, phones will open up for Floridians in need. To apply for assistance call 1-888-362-7885 or head to the state's housing website here.

Friday, the governor announced $75-million of the $120-million will be made available starting Monday.

In the Bay Area, Hillsborough County is set to receive more than $4 million. Pinellas County will get more than $3 million. Polk will get $2.4 million. Pasco and Manatee counties will each receive a little over $1 million.

"Money for rental and housing relief we believe can tend to and address at least some of that uncertainty, economic anxiety, and general stress that so many of our residents have felt over these many months," DeSantis said.

INFO: To apply for assistance call 1-888-362-7885 or click over to https://www.floridahousing.org/about-florida-housing/covid-19-information-resource.