Aspiring educators attend teaching academy

River Ridge High School has become a training ground for the next generation of teachers.

The New Teaching Academy is a program to get students prepared for the education field before they reach college. 

"A lot of times people go to college and they think that they would like to teach,  but when they come out and go into their jobs,  they may find it's not exactly what they thought it would be. So by having a high school program to give them a chance to get into classrooms, work with kids to genuinely and find out a little bit more about what a teacher actually does," said teacher, Beth Hess.

The future educators are already making a difference.

"I had a student that couldn't even spell, didn't even know his alphabet and by the end of the time that I had him he was reading, he knew his alphabet and he was spelling and that made me feel good," said senior, Andria Inks. 

They hope to make an impact and encourage another generation. 

"I really want to be that teacher that some kids one day say oh Miss Middleton is such a great teacher you’re so lucky to have her," said sophomore Kierra Middleton.

"I just want to be that teacher that anyone can go to and feel comfortable to go to and I want to inspire students to achieve great things in their lives," said junior Joseph Corley.