Baker crafts Cuban sandwiches from scratch at Brandon shop

The origin of the Cuban sandwich is mixed in with Tampa history, as the owners of the cigar factories in the city wanted a quick, affordable lunch for their employees. 

"People like the Cuban, it's a Tampa tradition for more than 100 years, " says Jose Moreno.

He's the owner of the Moreno Bakery, and they make Cuban sandwiches from scratch everyday.

It all starts with fresh baked Cuban bread.

"This is the Cuban bread, we make it in the back, it was oven a few minutes ago," Moreno said.

Both sides are dressed with the Moreno mayo sauce. This is a mixture of mayonnaise, mustard and garlic powder.

Then the sandwiches are assembled with Swiss cheese, pickle slices, salami, ham and pork.

"We bake the pork," Moreno explained. "We don't buy it, we bake it here."

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Once assembled, the sandwiches are placed in the press open-faced so the meat gets warmed and the cheese melts. 

The two sides are then put together to be pressed again, and it's a delicious result.

"That's why it's so good, we press it twice," he said.