Ballpark proposals win big for Rays fans

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For most baseball fans, there may not be a more exhilarating moment than watching your team hit it out of the park.

But something in the stands may upstage that.

Some Tampa Bay Rays fans are using their love of baseball to show their eternal love for each other by proposing at Tropicana Field.

"Baseball means so much to two people that they can come out here and this is that one moment. They can get down on one knee and propose. It’s very special," said Eric Weisberg, the vice-president of marketing and creative services for the Rays.

Bob Hodge, a field supervisor for the Rays, knew Tropicana Field would be a perfect spot to pop the question to his fiancée, Aimee Walker Thomas, who is a season ticket holder. 

"We both love the Rays and I thought what a great venue it would be to surprise her on a given day and just sneak up behind her and do what I've seen people do on the big screen," said Hodge.

Aimee had no clue.

"So the next thing I knew here comes Bob and Raymond and the Rays girls and they're all walking around me and here he comes and gets on one knee and he's proposing to me with the ring," said Aimee.

But Bob's surprise came with a lot of help from the Rays.

"There was nothing by chance. Everything was totally planned out step by step," said Hodge.

So how would a fan go about getting this experience?

First, there's the cost.

"It's a $500 donation to the Rays baseball foundation, which puts us in line with most of the major league baseball for proposals," said Weisberg.

Then the Rays come up with a game plan.

"We give you an inning break, which is about a minute. We have a dozen roses. Our Rays team is here. Raymond is also part of this. We'll put you up on the video board. It's really just a cool moment," said Weisberg.

And there have been no strikeouts. Only home runs. 

"We have not had a proposal that's gone south and hopefully that will continue," said Weisberg.

Now Aimee has two diamonds to appreciate.

"He knows where my heart is and he knows I'm a huge Rays fan," said Aimee.

The couple is planning an August wedding, three years to the day they met.

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