Body camera in officer-involved shooting released

It was a chaotic scene as Volusia County sheriff's deputies and a police officer with the City of DeLand were converging on an armed suspect.

Deputy Kevin Moss could be heard yelling on his body camera video, as law enforcement attempted to apprehend 33-year-old Dillon Parker. 

"He's got guns! He's shooting! He's shooting! He's shooting! Look out! Look out! Shots fired, shots fired, shots fired!"

Investigators said Parker bailed out of his car and immediately fired towards Deputy Moss. Seconds behind him, video shows Deputy Wesley Blum racing to the scene as he responds to what he hears on his radio.

As Deputy Blum pulled up to the scene, video shows his left hand on the steering wheel and his right hand pulling out his pistol. He fires several shots through his windshield and towards the suspect. His car is still moving as he fires. When it finally stops, he jumps out of his car and shouts orders out. With the help of other deputies and a DeLand police officer, he surrounds Parker.

Parker had been shot in the chest and leg. He refused to cooperate with deputies. 

Sheriff Mike Chitwood released the body camera video on Monday, backing his deputies actions.  "You can't refute the video," he said.  

The sheriff said Parker was on the lam, dodging an attempted murder charge for ten days. He said that Parker was intent on getting away.

"And if he had to kill a cop to do it, he was going to do it," said Sheriff Chitwood.  "When he gets out of the car, he doesn't just get out and run, he gets out with a handgun and takes an offensive position points and shoots at Deputy Moss."

Sheriff Chitwood is crediting solid training and guardian angels for Monday's outcome. "Thank the good Lord they all went home last night and that's the bottom line," he said.

Parker is in the hospital and is listed in critical condition. He faces several additional charges from Monday's confrontation with law enforcement.