Body camera video shows officer firing through window at murder suspects

One suspect was killed and a second wounded during a shootout on July 11 with police in downtown Las Vegas, hours after the pair was involved in the fatal shooting of another man, authorities said. Body camera video was released by police on Monday showing one of their own fire his weapon through the windshield.

The gunfire began at around 7:30 a.m. that when an unidentified man was fatally shot at a car wash.

About two hours later, police said they saw a vehicle matching the description of the one the suspects were driving, Las Vegas police Capt. Yasenia Yatomi said.

Police traded gunfire with the two suspects during a chase that ended with the SUV crashing into a wall at an elementary school, Yatomi said. Police said the suspects fired 34 shots at officers along the busy streets near downtown Vegas.

One suspect then was fatally shot by police after he tried to flee on foot. The other, who was wounded by police, had made it onto the school grounds before he was taken into custody, Yatomi said.

No other injuries were reported. The high-speed chase shut down traffic in an area covering several blocks of downtown Las Vegas.