Body of slain Florida trooper escorted to Sarasota County

SCSO photo

Standing together, Carol and Bruce Lehman held one another up. 

"It's just a little tiny thing we can do and we are happy to do it," she said. 

The couple never met Trooper Joseph Bullock. Still, they gathered off Fruitville Road with others to pay their respects. 

"A lot of times law enforcement, people that put their lives on the line are misunderstood, and they have a crazy difficult job," said Lehman. 

Investigators said Trooper Bullock was driving along I-95 Wednesday morning when he saw a broken down car and stopped to help. For reasons unknown, the driver of the car shot him. The shooter was then killed by a Riveria Beach Police officer. 

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Courtesy: Florida Highway Patrol

Friday morning Trooper Bullock's body was brought to Sarasota County. Just a short distance away from where he grew up in Englewood. 

"Nowadays, it needs to be brought to everyone’s attention that they do try to protect everybody and the way that things have been going lately everybody needs to come out and do this," said Charlene Eighmy. 

As the procession rolled by, Charlene Eighmy held her hand over her heart as the sirens blared. More than 100 law enforcement officers from across the state escorted Trooper Bullock home. 

"My son-in-law lost his father who was a police officer in South Carolina a number of years ago so it really touched my heart to see that there were people here who were willing to do that," said Eighmy. 

"Whether you wear black and tan for a living, you wear blue or Sheriff's office green we are all together. He did the right thing trying to protect everyone," said Trooper Ken Watson. 

Before his 19-year service with the Florida Highway Patrol, Trooper Bullock served his country in the Air Force. His funeral is expected to be held next week.