Bond revoked for woman accused of neglecting disabled husband

Lisa Kay Murphy won’t be home for Christmas. A judge revoked her bond during a hearing Monday morning. 

Murphy was already accused of aggravated manslaughter in the death of her disabled husband, James Murphy. Prosecutors say Lisa and her two daughters never sought medical treatment for his ailments, resulting in his death. 

Then, while Murphy was out on bond, prosecutors say the mother-of-two got into more trouble. Murphy is accused of forging the signature of a Tampa veterinarian who had died last year in order to sell a puppy. 

Her attorney, David Hall was clear about what needed to happen next.

In a virtual hearing, Murphy said she has health issues and asked the judge to let her remain out of jail.

"I can turn myself in. I just wanted to go to the hospital and get this taken care of. I was also told I would be arrested as soon as I went to the hospital so that’s why I haven’t had it taken care of yet," explained Murphy. 

But Hillsborough judge Michael Williams ordered her back in jail. Murphy is charged with aggravated manslaughter and neglect. She is back in court in February.