Bradenton family members arrested for child neglect

Four family members in Bradenton are under arrest for child neglect, in what deputies are calling one of the worst cases they've seen.

"Every now and then you run into a situation like this where it's just horrible," said Manatee County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Dave Bristow.

Two children, an 8-month-old girl and 20-month-old boy, lived at the home on 60th Avenue Drive East.

"[They lived in] some of the worst conditions we've seen in a long time," Bristow said.

Civil deputies were serving an eviction notice Thursday when they came upon the mess.

They found complete squalor.  They saw feces on the floor, garbage everywhere and the children's diapers were filled with waste.  Deputies had no choice but to remove the kids and place them with child protective services. 

Their parents, 19-year-old Theresa Miller and 47-year-old Keith Davis were charged with child neglect. Also facing the same charges - their grandmother Linda A. Miller, and great-grandmother Linda E. Miller.       

Adam Spry says he lived on the property.

"We were in the process of moving out today - we did have to leave, but we did keep it much cleaner than that.  It just happens to be this instant where the cops showed up today," he said.

But deputies say problems also extended into the backyard, where a homeless camp had apparently been set up.  They also described an open sewer line flowing into the yard.

"If there wasn't so much problems with the main sewage and plumbing and hot water heater, there wouldn't be water and sewage on the floor that's the reason for feces and bugs," said Spry.

FOX 13 did reach out to the landlord of the home.  Our calls were not returned.