Business owner: 'We’re put into the situation of becoming law enforcement'

The day after the Hillsborough County Emergency Policy Group enacted a mandatory face-covering order for anyone indoors who cannot safely social distance, the owner of Brandon Crossroads Bowl said he hopes the EPG takes a second look at how the rule is enforced.

Under the EPG's rules, businesses in the county can be punished with a second-degree misdemeanor if customers or employees violate the rule. Customers who do not comply cannot be punished under the rule.

That means employees will likely be left to enforce mask-wearing.

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"I think police should have to enforce it, and if they can’t then I guess it needs to stay a suggestion," said Jeff Boje, the owner of Brandon Crossroads Bowling. "They can’t start delegating the duty of law enforcement.”

One local attorney agrees. He is suing the county, saying it is unlawful to make business owners act as an agent of law enforcement.