Celebrating perseverance: Wounded Warriors 'Alive Day' 2019

Founders of the Wounded Warriors Abilities Ranch in Pinellas Park held another successful 'Alive Day' celebration for 2019. 

"These alive days are that second chance," explained 'Alive Day' sponsor and vender Steven Hill, "Instead of leaving this earth they were kept here for a purpose. This is when they celebrate the chance they were given." 

The organization had originally planned the event for September 1st, but had to cancel when Hurricane Dorian threatened to batter the East coast. 

"Even though it was a beautiful weekend on September 1st, all of our Pinellas Park first responders were on standby to help," said Lurie Park founder Mike Delancey. 

Lurie Park is the Wounded Warriors Abilities Ranch, designed with veterans in mind. 

A majority of the participants in Saturday's events are wounded veterans who have used the park, some of whom hand cycled all 11 miles on adaptive bicycles. 

"Seeing them continue to have a positive mindset, and seeing them push forward despite the challenges they've been given is inspiring," said Hill.  " It really makes you understand the drive and the motivation that veterans have."