Charges reduced against mother after child's death

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Jolanda Stridiron spent  213 days in jail, mourning her daughter's death and facing a first degree manslaughter charge.

Hillsborough County prosecutors blamed her for the death of her 6-year-old back in February of 2015. On Tuesday. the grieving mom agreed to a plea deal.

Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Christopher Sabella read the new charge to the defendant.

"Child neglect, how do you wish to plea to this new charge?" asked Sabella.

Stridiron replied, "guilty."

Prosecutors reduced the charges to child neglect. Her defense attorney says pleading guilty was in her best interest, because it means Jolanda gets to go home.

Doctors say Jolanda's daughter suffered from Dandy-Walker Syndrome, a debilitating illness of the brain. After a number of surgeries ,Jolanda had been warned, if her daughter had a severe headache, it could be fatal.

When her daughter complained of one, Jolanda took her to the doctor, who sent her home with medication. But prosecutor Rita Peters said it wasn't long before the headache returned.

"Relatives indicated to law enforcement that they observed the victim screaming in pain asked the defendant to take her to the doctor. The defendant refused, telling her they'd go in the upcoming week," said Peters.

The child died hours later.

Two medical experts couldn't agree on whether immediate medical attention would have saved her. Prosecutors also said detectives didn't find anything suspicious at the home.

"Law enforcement went  to the crime scene and found no indicators of foul play, found the crime scene to be appropriate, with appropriate medication," explained Peters.

So with that, the state reduced the charges, allowing the grieving mom to begin picking up the pieces of her life.