Chop down your own Florida-style Christmas tree at this Pasco farm

For many, visiting the Ergle Christmas Tree Farm is a tradition.

It’s just a few miles north of Dade City. Here, you have the choice of entering the field and cutting down your own Christmas Tree, or choosing a variety shipped from up north. 

"It's $6 per foot, up to 9 feet, then it's $7 a foot after that," explained Tony Ergle, adding that those prices haven't changed for years.

Sand pines and southern red cedar trees are Florida-grown.

"They don't hold heavy ornaments," he said. 

They also sell fresh wreaths and a Christmas cactus. Ergle said while the supply chain is impacting his business, he is still paying his employees more for their labor.

"They earned it," he said. "We got [trees] here. We're not going to run out for a while."

You can find more information on Ergle Christmas Tree Farm's website.