Clearwater police target move-over violators

Clearwater police gave out dozens of tickets this weekend to drivers who didn't follow the ‘move over’ law. They cracked down along Courtney Campbell Causeway, the scene of two recent accidents involving officers.

"We were out there enforcing speeding and traffic, and once those traffic stops were initiated, they enforced the move over laws," explained Lt. Natalia Illich-Hailey with the Clearwater Police Department. 

Florida law requires drivers to slow down or move over one lane when they come upon emergency vehicles or equipment pulled over along the shoulder.

For Steve Stickley's tow truck company, the issue is personal. In 2016, one of their own, Danny Hand, was killed on the job along the side of I-275.

"He came around the front of the truck, and as he came around the front he was struck and unfortunately died at the scene," Stickley said. 

A total of 42 tickets were handed out for not moving over when an officer was on the side of the road.

They also fined 35 people for speeding and racing, including one driver going 127 in a 60-mile-per hour zone. 

"You see us operating on the shoulders because we have the flashing lights," added Stickley. "If you see us, just check your mirror, and if you can, just gave us the safety buffer zone."