Deputies replace stolen bike for 10-year-old

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Sometimes a small gesture can go a long way.

Last week in Winter Haven someone stole a 10-year-old's bike. And this wasn't just any bike, it was the last gift given to Angel by his late uncle Mario who would later die in a car crash.

"They were very close when the bike went missing it was more than just a bike," said his mother Clara Grano.

Deputies would track down the thief but not before he spray painted Angel's bike.

"He told him now that the bike is altered and doesn't look the same its like Mario isn't here anymore," said deputy Jason Kopp.
"Obviously that gets you in the feels and you want to do whatever you can," he added.

"I've lost something that's been emotional to me so we wanted to reach out and help him," said deputy Justin Sommer.

And that's exactly what deputies Kopp and Sommer did, going above and beyond the call of duty to purchase Angel a brand new green and black bike, just the like the one from his Uncle.

"His reaction was phenomenal excited the look on his face he couldnt believe we were there for him," said deputy Kopp

They even added a plate with Mario's name, so his uncle will never be far away.

"He's over emotional...he's commented he didn't know police could be so kind" said Grano.  "I would like to thank the Polk County Sheriff's Office for everything they did," she said.

Deputies also bought Angel a helmet and bike lock to go with his new wheels.