Detectives still need help to pin down Clearwater couple's killer

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One year later, there are still no answers in the killing of an elderly Clearwater couple.

The families of David and Mina Swan are dealing with the painful loss and not knowing who took their loved ones away from them. Mina’s daughter from another marriage, Noel Devine shared photos that remind her of brighter days that she spent with her mother.

“A normal day, you know, the things you do you take for granted, and I can’t take those for granted anymore,” said Devine. “But now I have the memories. I hold on tight to those memories.”

Sunday marks one year since Noel’s mother, Mina Swan, 80, and her mother’s husband David Swan, 88, were killed in their Clearwater home on September 29, 2018. Noel discovered the horrific scene.

“Right now, I have the picture of her when I last saw her and that picture is not a happy one. It’s one that no daughter should ever have to see,” said Devine.

Time without them is still hard to grasp.

“I can’t believe it’s been a year. I just can’t believe it,” she said.

David and Mina Swan’s families are pleading for answers.

“There will be a day when we can say rest in peace mom, we know what happened. So we could use your help. It’s very, very important,” Devine said.

Since their murders, electronic billboards popped up around Tampa Bay with the couple’s photos. The reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction is now $53,000, which includes $3,000 from Crimestoppers.

Clearwater detectives said they are undeterred that a year has passed.

“We’re going to get there. Things take time. Just because we haven’t solved it yet doesn’t mean it’s not going to go solved,” said Michael Walek, a detective with the Clearwater Police Department.

Devine said she isn’t letting go of hope that someone knows something, no matter how small, and that person will call to help police find the couple’s killer.

“I will never give up, and I know they won’t either,” she said of the investigation.

Detectives said the fact that the couple was elderly makes the case so uncommon. They said the couple was targeted, but the public is not in any danger.

Anyone with information on the case should call the tip line at (727) 562-4141 or Sgt. Michael Hasty at (727) 562-4317.