Dog escapes kennel at TIA; family in Bermuda desperate for answers

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Brady the dog’s arrival in Bermuda was the final step in the Gideon family's life in their new home.

They moved from Tampa to Bermuda about six weeks ago, but couldn't bring Brady with them because of the heat. Delta won't transport animals above 85 degrees.              

Wednesday, it was just cool enough so the 4-year-old hound mix could begin the first leg of her trip on a flight to JFK airport. But she never got on the plane.

"At 6:30 last night when they brought Brady in her crate over to the aircraft, they opened up the tram and she had chewed her way through the stainless steel locking mechanism of her cage," her owner, Bill Gideon said in a phone interview with FOX 13. 

Gideon says he was told Brady darted off into the woods.

"I'm sure she's scared out of her mind, and you've got planes taking off and landing all around her," Gideon added.

Air Animal coordinated the trip for the family and handed Brady off to Delta cargo for the trip to her new home.

In a statement, the airline said:  

"Delta and animal control continue the search for a dog that was being loaded onto a flight in Tampa when it bit through the transfer kennel and ran into a heavily wooded area near the airport. We are in direct contact with the pet's owner."

"My main concern right now is getting our dog back," explained Gideon. "My wife and daughter are completely overwhelmed right now as am I."

The Hillsborough County Pet Resources center tells FOX 13 it has set up a trap with food in it in hopes of catching Brady so she can finally reunite with her family. 

"It's devastating, it's a member of your family," said Gideon. "You have someone that's with you since they were big enough to fit into the palm of your hand. It's just absolutely devastating. I can't even put it into words."

Brady might still be roaming around the airport somewhere, as the airport is completely fenced in.