Dreamers write goals on Riverwalk 'Before I Die' wall

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There's a new piece of art on Tampa’s Riverwalk that you can be a part of. The "Before I Die" wall is different every day.

"I've walked this boardwalk three to four times a week," Charles Turner said. "So, I'd figure I'd put my little remarks up. I want to make it to 100-years-old. You see you got a lot of responses going on here. You get people feedback on how they feel, or they can express what they want to do or where they want to be."

There are jokes, travel plans, celebrity encounters and more on the wall. All written with the hope that putting a thought out into the world will make it come true.

"Just introduce myself to the world, you know. The first thing I wrote down was my first thought, never thought of anything else. I mean, who doesn't want to be introduced, show everybody what they have or their talent or skill?" asked Chris Jones.
It gives people the chance to ask a question of themselves they may have never thought to ask.

"It's dedicated to people talking about doing what they want to do before they die, so I think that's something we should be thinking about every day. We're supposed to be dreamers. That's what makes us human, and I think that reminders like this kind of bring us back to that point, and I think that's where we all need to go," said John Stroncheck.

The wall is along Tampa’s Downtown Riverwalk on the Riverwalk Tower. It was erected by Leadership Tampa Bay and Feldman Equities LLC in August. It will be up and available for anyone to write upon until January 31. For more information visit http://www.riverwalktower.com/beforeidiewall/.