Eric Trump: Debate with president would be 'bloodbath' for Biden

Democrats will nominate Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris next week, and the Trump campaign is stepping up its attacks. President Trump and his surrogates are leveling serious accusations at the Biden-Harris ticket, including the assertion Biden lacks the mental capacity to lead. 

Given the gravity of that accusation, FOX 13 asked President Trump’s son Eric Trump what evidence they have to support the claim that Biden is mentally unfit. 

In a one-on-one interview, he said their claims are based on recent misstatements by Biden and his schedule on the campaign trail. 

“He called Arizona a city last week. Let’s start there, right. I would say that’s pretty much disqualifying,” said Eric Trump. “Arizona is a beautiful state. It’s a state he would quite frankly need to win and he called it a city. A month before that he said he was running for the Senate of the United States. He said the Senate.”

President Trump has also committed a series of recent gaffes including mispronouncing “Yosemite” “Thailand,” and wrongly noting the flu pandemic contributed to the end of World War II. In responding to a list of examples of President Trump’s misstatements, Eric Trump dismissed them as similar evidence of cognitive decline by his own rationale.  

“Here’s, I think, the good news. We’re going to have debates and if Biden shows up for debates, I think it’s going to be a bloodbath,” said Trump.