Experience friendly animals from all over the world at local farm and apiary

A new farm in Polk City is giving families a chance to pet, feed and interact with some unique and friendly animals.

Bell Family Farm and Apiary is home to The Florida Zebu Experience. Owners Ray and Sarah Bell say their goal is to help people disconnect with the world and connect with nature, while learning about farm life.

In addition to miniature zebu, which are a naturally occurring breed of cattle, the farm is also home to kunekune pigs - a rare breed of New Zealand swine - ducks, egg-laying chickens and LaMancha earless goats. 

There is also a honey bee farm, which produces local, raw honey. 

The 14-acre farm is tucked away in a quiet and peaceful area of Polk County about 6 minutes from I-4. 

LINK: For more information, visit their website: bellsminizebu.com.