Extra security present for Dontae Morris hearings

Notorious cop killer Dontae Morris is bouncing around from judge to judge.

Morris was in Judge Christopher Sabella's courtroom Monday morning looking to have a death sentence commuted to a life sentence on the murder conviction of Derek Anderson.

The jury in that case was not unanimous in their decision; however, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2017 they must be unanimous in order to give a death sentence.

Last week Morris asked Judge Michelle Sisco for a new trial in the murders of Tampa police officers Jeffrey Kocab and Dave Curtis. Morris claims witnesses lied and his attorney was ineffective

But Morris' appearance in the Tampa courthouse has come with intense security measures, including a helicopter transport that hovered over the courthouse.

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Inside the courthouse, extra Hillsborough deputies were on hand. The sheriff's office would not comment on their security tactics, but FOX 13 has learned there was concern over Morris' surreptitious chatter at the jail with some of his contacts.

The concern raised the level of security, just as a precaution.

We might see a repeat of this intense security in October when Morris returns for another hearing