Families search for doctor who comforted Bradenton teens killed in Peru accident

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It's been almost three weeks since the tragic death of two Southeast High School graduates during their graduation trip to Peru. The families are now speaking out with the hopes of getting justice for their sons. 

Both Bradenton teens had big dreams for their futures ahead. 

"Al and Kim's son Albert was an engineering prodigy, and he was headed to the University of Central Florida to study engineering. My wife and I were proud of our son, Zach. He was to attend Yale University, and he wanted to study economics and pre-med," said Kevin Morris, Zachary Morris's father, during a press conference Thursday. 

However, those dreams were cut short. Just days after graduating from Southeast High, the boys were killed after being hit by a bus during a vacation to Peru that they had been planning together for months. 

"Tragically, our sons lost their lives following their dream to explore these far away places," Morris said. 

The heartbroken parents are now fighting for justice. They say the bus driver has yet to take responsibility for the accident. His account to authorities is drastically different than what the families believe actually happened. 

"The intersection had an 18 mile per hour speed limit, 18 miles per hour," Morris said. "This bus hit the boys so hard, my boy flew 80 feet."

However, during the darkest time, there was a glimmer of light. The families now hope to thank the good Samaritan doctor who comforted the boys during their final moments. 

"It means a lot to us to simply thank him for showing that kindness to our boys, and if it were possible that they were able to say some words, we would love to know what they were," Morris said. 

For family, Zachary and Albert were taken far too soon. 

"There's no repairing a loss such as this," Morris said. "There's only learning to cope with it."

A final photo recovered from the boys' camera that was found at the accident scene, now serves as a forever reminder of two young lives that touched so many. 

"Two young men with joy on their faces exploring a different country and a different culture. And this is how we will remember those boys," said Morris. 

The families said their fight for justice is far from over. 

If anyone happens to know anything about the accident or the good Samaritan doctor, they're asked to email the families at goodsamaritanDR19@gmail.com