Family heartbroken after hit-and-run deaths

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When it comes to the deaths of John Berg and Viola Flores, there's at least one thing Flores' daughter Adriana Munoz hasn't figured out how to handle.

"(Her granddaughter) woke up last night, asking for her grandma," said Munoz. "I didn't know what to tell her."

Berg and Flores were walking on Memorial Parkway while vacationing in Clearwater on Oct. 18.  They were hit by an SUV that had made a U-turn.

"I talked to her about an hour before the accident happened," said Munoz.

The SUV drove off, leaving their bodies in the shoulder of the road.

"You can't just treat somebody like they are nothing and carry on with your life and think you are going to get away with it, and that you're just going to hide and it's going to go away," Munoz said.

Search warrants show that witnesses identified Charles Winzenread of Tampa as driving that night.

Police found a damaged SUV in his home garage.

Winzenread has hired an attorney.

Clearwater police have not made any arrests, yet.

"This is not something that they are going to forget about," said Munoz. "This is something that is important to them and that they are going to see this through."

Yet Munoz said that no arrest can make this completely right.

"They didn't just end two lives," said Munoz. "It had a huge impact on everybody who loved them. My mom was well-loved by everybody who knew her."