Family holds vigil for woman missing since February

It's now been six months since 28-year-old Cieha Taylor was last seen. Her car was found on railroad tracks with the engine still running, but few leads have materialized. Her family is hurting and desperate for answers.

"I just want to find my sister. At the end of the day, I just want my sister to come home," Cieha's brother Christopher Taylor said.

Cieha Taylor hasn't been home since February 6th, which is when Sheriff's deputies say she last seen dropping off her boyfriend at his home in Plant City that afternoon. A few hours later, her car was found on railroad tracks near Trapnell Road with all of her belongings still inside. 

Canitha Taylor, Cieha’s mother, said she wouldn’t just abandoned her things.

“She had just gotten the car for her birthday in November. She loved the car, the phone, the independence. That’s where we were trying to get her. She was working to try and get things together in her life so it was extremely odd,” she said. 

Cieha's mother believes someone out there knows something and that's why she's not giving up hope. She held a special vigil Saturday night in Plant City with close friends and family near where Cieha's car was found.

“We’re doing the best we can as a family trying to hold each other up, but it’s hard. Everybody is mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. We just need answers. We need closure. We need to know what happened to her," Cieha's sister-in-law, Porshia Taylor, said.

What did happen to Cieha Taylo, and did she leave the car there herself or did someone else? They're questions the Sheriff's Office is still trying to answer.

"At every single avenue, they are just coming up with no answers, so it is too hard for them to say at this point if it is a homicide or if she is still out there," HCSO Public Information Officer Crystal Clark said.

Meanwhile, Cieha's mother isn't giving up and encouraging anyone who knows anything to come forward.

"I want her found. I want answers to this. We need closure," Taylor said.