Family swarmed by bees near their Tampa home

A Tampa family was hospitalized over the weekend after being stung multiple times by bees.

Caution tape was put up by Hillsborough County firefighters to warn anyone who ventures to the end of E. 27th Place in Tampa where the massive hive was unleased.

Luis Figueroa says his family was on their way to church Saturday. The bees swarmed when his son opened the gate at the end of their driveway.

Figueroa's wife ran to help and ended up taking the brunt of the attack. All three were chased to the end of their road where they called 911. An ambulance took them to the hospital.

“They say we lucky to be alive, the rescuers said, which, I got to thank Hillsborough County,” Figueroa told FOX 13 News. “They were really fast to make it here.”

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The hive is on property owned by Hillsborough County, which said a bee removal expert has been hired to take care of the problem.

Officials said the best way to avoid a swarm is to run, so if you feel a bee bump into you, or a sting, take it as a warning sign and take off.

They also said do not jump into water because the swarm will concentrate on your head above th surface.