Florida constitutional amendments: What do they mean?

This November, there are six proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot in Florida, covering topics from the state’s minimum wage to the amendment process itself.

Remember that amendments in Florida require 60 percent approval or higher to pass, so it’s not just a simple majority.

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Florida Amendment 1 explained: Voter registration language

Supporters of this amendment say the small language change it calls for would head off any future effort to give non-citizens the right to vote.


Florida Amendment 2 explained: Minimum wage hike

Florida's Amendment 2 would raise the minimum wage in the state from $8.56 per hour, gradually, over the next six years – up to $15 an hour.


Florida Amendment 3 explained: Eliminating parties from primaries

Florida's primary system could be upended this year, as polls show Amendment 3 is close to the 60% threshold of being approved by voters in the 2020 election.


Florida Amendment 4 explained: Amendment ratification changes

Florida’s Amendment Four would make it harder to amend our state constitution in the future. If passed, any amendment that passes would have to go on the ballot again and pass a second time before it gets added to the constitution. 


Florida Amendment 5 explained: Property tax benefit extension

Florida’s Amendment Five gives Florida homeowners more leeway in maintaining their 'Save Our Homes' tax property tax benefits. 


Florida Amendment 6 explained: Transferring veterans’ tax breaks

Veterans who are over 65, honorably discharged and disabled in combat currently receive a property tax discount. That discount ends when recipients die.  Under Amendment Six, the discount would transfer to a disabled veteran’s spouse.


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