Florida day care worker accused of hitting, shaking children

Authorities in central Florida say a former day care worker has been arrested after being caught on security video hitting, slapping and shaking children.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports 65-year-old Katherine Weitz was arrested Monday and has since been released from jail. She's charged with three felony counts of activity that could result in physical or mental harm to a child.

An affidavit says Dream City Academy's office manager Yolanda Tomlinson checked a security video in a classroom for 1-year-olds after a child was crying. She saw Weitz treating a child roughly.

The video showed Weitz sitting near children as they took naps. But when one child started moving, Weitz appeared to grab their limbs and tossed the child down onto the bed.

Weitz also apparently grabbed, shook and slapped the child's face. She later could be seen kicking the bed.

Police say Tomlinson called a manager who fired Weitz.

Weitz told investigators she lost her temper and "went a little overboard," blaming her actions on a "terrible headache" according to the arrest report.

Authorities say none of the children suffered any injuries. However, the affidavit said Weitz was involved in "at least 30 incidents of mistreatment to small children."

A lawyer for Weitz wasn't listed on court records.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.