Florida lifting restrictions on all youth activities, including summer camps

Effective immediately, state officials will end restrictions on youth activities, which includes summer camps and youth sports in Florida.  Governor Ron DeSantis made the announcement Friday morning from Jacksonville, saying children don't seem to be "major vectors of transmission."

He said while the state is lifting restrictions, local governments can make their own restrictions if they desire.

Distance learning was initially put in place, the governor said because it was believed children could spread the disease to others.

"I think what we've seen is that is not how it's working out now," he said. "Kids are not immune from this. Some kids have been infected and some kids have been critically ill. There have been some, not a lot, in the United States that have died."

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DeSantis also reiterated that no one under the age of 25 in Florida has died from the novel coronavirus.

“I hope that this will be good for folks over the summer. I really trust parents. I trust the physicians who work with the kids, the local leaders, coaches, camps,” he said.

The Florida Department of Health may issue some of its own guidelines for youth activities.

The decision comes as Florida began reporting cases of a child illness linked to COVID-19. This week, the state's surgeon general said there have been two confirmed cases.

"I think it's something parents should consider," DeSantis said during his announcement. "It is extremely rare. I think people can take a look at that and make a decision that is best for them."

When asked if there is a concern in regards to the "multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children," DeSantis passed on the question to Dr. Bonnie White of Wolfson Children's Hospital.

"It's very rare for kids to have this. Extremely rare," she said. 'It's still an evolving virus, and an evolving infection."

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Holtz Children’s Hospital, which is part of Miami’s Jackson Health System, confirmed earlier this week there are two cases.

Action News Jax reported there are two confirmed cases at Wolfson Children's Hospital.

Dr. White said Wolfson is monitoring seven kids for possible symptoms, but wasn't aware of any confirmed cases.

You can watch the governor's full announcement below: