Floridians received average 17 robocalls per person last month

Robocall tracker Youmail says Americans have gotten 43 billion robocalls this year, an average of 132 per person.  

They expect the number to continue rising.

In September, Floridians got 330 million calls, which is 127 a second, or 17 per person.

Morgan & Morgan lawyer Tav Gomez says enforcement by federal regulators isn't enough. 

He  has filed more than 600 cases against robocallers and has won damages of almost $500,000 for those who continued to get hundreds of calls, even after asking to be put on a do-not-call list.

"The problem with robocalls is it's very inexpensive, readily available," he said.

He says Congress should narrow the equipment robocallers can use and cell phone companies should follow an FCC rule that lets them block spoofed numbers that look like they're from your area code.

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"You can not sue these people because they are not even in the United States," Gomez said. "You can't go and arrest them because they are in different places."

In September, 813 area code-holders got 23 calls per person. The 352 and 941 codes received 16 calls per person. In 727, people got 15 calls per person and 863 holders got 12 per person.