Four arrested in North Port spice bust

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Off Kenwood Drive in North Port, one home had everyone wondering what was going on. 

"Having people coming and going at all hours of the day, having people pull out, come in, and leave within a matter of minutes," the North Port Police Department's Josh Taylor described. 

Taylor said officers worked for months to gather evidence connected to four individuals living at the home. 

"A few individuals can totally disrupt a neighborhood," he said. 

A bust uncovered $65,000 in cash, 154 bags of spice, and 1,500 additional grams of the drug. 

Devon Ford, Barbara Adams, Chrystena Surprenant, and Matthew Schulz were sent to jail and charged with possession with intent to sell and selling within 1,000 feet of a place of worship. 

More questions remained. 

Officers recognized the suspects from the streets. They were known to often beg for food or money. 

"They would always be at the Walmart, they'd always be begging just trying to get stuff off of people. At night we'd see them roll up and ride their bikes back to their house. Literally all the time," said Cortney Azzolina.

Officers and neighbors said it happened time after time before the arrest. 

"They receive change from folks, breakfast burritos, you name it from some of these places and then they walk across the street and they are dealing drugs or doing drugs," said Taylor. 

Neighbors remain disgusted by their alleged actions. 

"At a certain point, I was like, they live here. They're not homeless," said Azzolina. 

While there won't be any charges for their begging, officers hope people remember their faces and what they've been doing. 

"When you have people who care they're giving change to somebody then you find out they're at a house down the street with $65,000 plus in it kind of makes you wonder," said Taylor. 

Officers said more charges are pending for all four.