Girlfriend of Pinellas hit-and-run victim pleads for driver who took off to come forward

Officials say a driver in Pinellas County hit a man and never stopped. The victim was left for dead in the middle of the road and did not make it. Now the search is on for the person responsible.

"Everywhere that he goes, it seems like he makes everybody really happy and like smile. And everybody just wants to be his friend," said Kearra Nucup.

She says Kristopher Simington was one of the best people she ever met. He had a huge heart, and so much more to give. 

"He was so smart, so talented and didn't even know it; he was going to do a lot of really great things. He had so many plans," Kearra said.

His plans included going back to school to be a physicist.

Kearra says the couple recently moved in together in Kenneth City, and Saturday night Kris wanted to go out for a bit.

"Unfortunately, I didn't go with him because I was tired," she said.

Kearra says Kris took his new electric scooter and was only about a mile from their apartment. But the California native never made it home that night.

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Florida Highway Patrol says Kris somehow fell while trying to cross the median of 66th Street North near 51st Avenue North. He landed in the roadway and was hit. The driver never stopped. 

"The fact that somebody just left him in the road to die, really messes with me." Kearra said through tears.

The stretch of street where the hit-and-run happened is six-lanes across and busy, even in the early morning hours. Kearra says she does not understand why no one stopped to help, and believes someone had to have seen something.

"I just want him to have justice."

FHP said troopers are following leads and believe a white pick-up truck may be involved in this hit-and-run. Anyone who knows anything about the crash and what happened to Kris is urged to call crime stoppers.

GoFundMe accounts have been set up to help with funeral expenses and to help Kearra.