Gov. DeSantis extends eviction and foreclosure moratorium

Late Monday evening, Florida's governor once again extended the moratorium on evictions and foreclosures in the state.

Gov. Ron DeSantis issued the executive order just hours before the ban was set to expire. The new moratorium runs through just after midnight on October 1. 

DeSantis first enacted the moratorium back in April. The goal was it would allow people to buy food for their family and focus on finding a job, instead of worrying about paying rent.

However, some landlords have spoken out, voicing concerns that this moratorium was affecting their income as some tenants seemed to take advantage of the moratorium as an excuse to not pay rent even though they could. 

The last time the governor extended the moratorium, he did make some changes to the order. He stated that only people who were adversely affected by the pandemic were included in the moratorium, meaning those lost their jobs or took a severe pay cut -- meaning tenants and property owners are only protected if they've been hurt financially by the pandemic.

The moratorium does not cover those whose leases have expired and only applies to residential tenants and not to commercial evictions.