Guardian Angels' patrol of Seminole Heights continues through Halloween

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The third victim of Seminole Heights murders will be laid to rest Saturday.

Anthony Naiboa was gunned down within blocks of the shootings of Benjamin Mitchell, and Monica Hoffa.

Tampa police are devoting every resource to catch the shooter.

For the last six nights, members of the Tampa chapter of the Guardian Angels have been out in force - walking and riding through the streets of Seminole Heights, hoping to put residents at ease.

The group of 20 meets after the sun goes down and stay out until the early morning hours. Leaders say the effort is for the people who call Seminole Heights community home.

"We hope to give them a feeling of confidence, to be honest with you, that they don't have to live in fear," said Tampa Guardian Angels chapter leader Ron "Jaws" Smith "If they group together they can come outside and enjoy their neighborhood and keep it safe."

The volunteer, anti-crime group mobilized these patrols last Sunday and are committed to being out every night through Halloween, adding manpower to the already beefed-up police presence.

"Just whatever it takes to make sure this guy is caught or squeezed out," Guardian Angels regional director William "Gladiator" Cruz said of the suspected killer.

The focus isn't just on the streets. This week, Tampa police officers have been going door-to-door in the neighborhood, surveying folks to get a better grasp of who lives there.

"We're trying to get an idea of if someone is in the area and might not belong in the area, we want to know about it," Tampa Police Department spokesperson Steve Hegarty said.

Investigators are also asking neighbors to register their surveillance cameras with the department. They hope new footage, along with the clips of a person of interest already captured, can help crack the case.

Loved ones and strangers will gather at the Seminole Heights United Methodist Church Saturday to say their final goodbyes to 20-year-old Anthony Naiboa.