Guedes bond hearing delayed while alleged victim recovers

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The bond hearing for a man accused of shooting his mother's tenant was postponed because the judge wants to hear from the victim before making a decision.

The victim, however, is still in the hospital.

Prosecutors say Peter Guedes shot a man who was renting a room from Guedes' mother.

Guedes says the tenant was bullying him.

Guedes is now charged with attempted murder after investigators say he got in an argument with the tenant, pulling out a gun and shooting him three times.

Court documents say Guedes also beat the man after shooting him.

Monday morning, there was supposed to be a bond hearing, but the prosecutor wanted to put it on hold until the victim is released from the hospital and could testify.    

Guedes' defense attorney opposed the delay but the judge postponed the bond hearing until Wednesday.

It is unclear if the victim will be ready to testify by then.