Harnessing DNA to lose weight

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DNA tells a story about who we are and whom we're related to.

Now, some doctors think DNA could improve our health or even help us lose weight.

Lynn Williams recently lost weight and wants it to stick, so she took the Vivaliti DNA test.

The test makes recommendations about the best diet, nutrition, and exercise plan based on DNA.

Williams' test even showed her how fast she metabolizes caffeine.

That's important to know, says Dr. Jay Garcia of Garcia Weight Loss Centers.

"If you’re a slow metabolizer and you drink a lot of coffee, it can eventually affect your cardiovascular system," he explained. "We are able to expand our ability to look in the genetic code to provide the patient with a program that will hit not only weight loss, but wellness."

Dr. Garcia said clinical DNA testing is much more sophisticated than over-the-counter DNA test kits.

"You can get all the results you want on the DNA, but if there’s not actionable information in there, you can't make an adequate plan for that patient," Dr. Garcia said.

Williams said she is already making changes, based on her results.

"There's a lot of nutritional items I wasn't metabolizing properly. I will be focusing more on the low-fat diet as opposed to a balanced diet."

Clinical DNA tests can range anywhere from $200-$400. Just like any diet and weight loss plan, Dr. Garcia and other specialists say no plan will work unless people are committed to good health and exercise.