High school student with special needs bags two dates to prom thanks to Facebook video

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A special needs high school student in Port Dover, Ontario, landed herself not one, but two dates to prom thanks to a Facebook appeal shared by her mom on May 25.

Shannon Horner-Shepherd always dreamed that her 21-year-old daughter Gabby, who has a chromosomal disorder called partial trisomy 13, would be able to attend her senior prom. She wanted to find Gabby a great date to go with, so mother and daughter took to Facebook to try to find one.

The video worked even better than expected. Two young men answered the call to take Gabby to her prom on June 1. The first was Brock University student Zack Bowman, who saw Gabby’s video and said it felt “like fate.”

“I respected Shannon and Gabby’s courage too much to ignore the post,” he said in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle.

The second suitor was local police constable Jeremy Renton, who coaches Gabby’s special-needs sledge hockey team.

According to the same interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, both men picked Gabby up for prom, much to her delight, and had dinner together before heading to the dance.

“I am not a crier but that night, I ‘ugly cried,’” Shannon said of the prom. “It was perfect. These guys mean so much to me.”