Hillsborough County district leaders will meet to discuss changes to school boundaries

There could be big changes in the works for Hillsborough County as the district is considering rearranging the boundaries for schools across the district. 

On Tuesday, the district plans to discuss the growth happening at schools in the area and possible boundary adjustments for the future at their board meeting. 

However, nothing is set in stone just yet. The district is still in the preliminary phases of planning, and if any changes are approved, the earliest the district could see changes wouldn’t be until the next school year.

There are two main reasons behind the potential plans. The first is to help with overcrowding at some schools in the southern parts of the county, while also addressing underutilized schools that don’t have enough students to fill up classrooms.  

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One part of the potential plan deals with Oak Park and Foster Elementary. These are two schools, the county says, may have to be repurposed due to the low ‘F’ rating each school has received. If test scores don’t improve, they could be forced to close those schools down. 

That means those students would be relocated to Frost, Bing, Clair Mel, Oak Grove, Egypt Lake, or Mendenhall. If approved, that would take effect next fall. 

To help with overcrowding, the district is also considering adding a new high school to be ready for the 2025 school year. That would mean students from Lennard, East Bay, Sumner, Bloomingdale, Brandon, and Newsome High Schools would be impacted. 

Currently, these plans are all preliminary, but the district is also bringing in experts to draw up a report to get a better idea of what the best approach would be going forward.