Hillsborough deputies arrest 12-year-old for Snapchat threat

Threats at two Bay Area schools prompted law enforcement to remind parents and students the seriousness of trying to scare classmates and teachers.

Deputies arrested a 12-year-old girl for making a school shooting threat on Snapchat.

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, the 7th grader posted the threat Thursday morning, saying she would carry out a shooting at Burns Middle School.

The typo-riddled post read, "Dear bms students I will be shooting that skool up September 3 2019 be ready say your goodbyes to you're family because that is finel...Goodluck (; be ready."

A student at another middle school alerted a school resource deputy about the Snapchat post. That deputy then notified the Burns Middle School resource deputy.

Investigators said the girl admitted to sending the Snapchat post, and then later intentionally deleting it.

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"The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office takes all school threats, verbal, written or posted to social media, very seriously," Sheriff Chad Chronister said in a statement. "We have a zero-tolerance policy. It is important for parents to know what their children are posting online. If you make a school threat, of any kind, you will be arrested and charged accordingly."

The 12-year-old student faces a felony charge of making a written threat to kill, do bodily injury, or conduct a mass shooting or act of terrorism.

An 18-year-old at Gibbs High School in Pinellas County was also arrested Thursday. Investigators said Brandon Scott made a threatening comment in his class, in front of an adult and other students.

He is charged with making a false report of a bomb or firearm to conduct bodily harm, which is a felony.