How you can hang your Christmas lights like the professionals

The Thanksgiving holiday is officially behind us, which means you won't be judged for putting up your Christmas lights. As magical as the lights can be, they can also be a major pain. 

"Last year it was tripping so much I thought we had an electrical problem in the house," said Chris Salud, a homeowner in Tampa

Salud's family decided to leave the lights to the professionals this year. 

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Zach Tyler and Shack Shine are professional Christmas light stringers in Tampa. They will do about 500 homes this holiday season, which can be 20 homes per day. 

"We are slammed," Tyler said. "I’ve gone from a team of six to 21 in just two months. I think primarily people want to stay off the ladder, keep it nice and safe."

It's presentation for a price, ranging from a few hundred to more than $1,000 depending on how big you want to go. 

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"Everything is custom fit to the home, there's no excess wires, nicer equipment, brighter bulbs," Tyler said. "I think everyone likes a nice set-up."

For those who wanted to stick to doing it yourself, Tyler said to start planning your layout ahead of time and make sure to test your lights before putting them up. 

"The last thing you want to do is end up with two female plugs or two male plugs, and you have to rework things with wires all across your house, that ruins the look," he said. "You have unique architecture adding lights around that architecture makes it pop at night. Fasteners are your friend, especially when you're doing trees."

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When it comes to the overall style of your Christmas lights, that comes down to personal preference. Tyler did say a layered look adds a pro-touch. 

"If you like warm white, that classic white if you then add in some trees with color then suddenly you get this pop of color, that ties it all together," Tyler said.