‘It never gets old’: Teen rollercoaster enthusiasts take on Busch Gardens’ Iron Gwazi hundreds of times

A Busch Gardens rollercoaster gives two teens a thrill that never gets old. 

Roller coaster enthusiasts Tayton Laing and Kalin Profit love the freedom they feel when riding roller coasters. 

"I never get tired of it," Profitt stated. "When you love something that much and when you're enthusiastic about something, it's hard to get tired of it."

He's been on Iron Gwazi, the newest roller coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa more than 475 times.

"Even after that it never gets old," he admitted.

Profitt isn't alone in his appreciation of the newest hybrid coaster that opened in March. 

"I've been on it 193 times," stated Laing. "I'd be here two to three times a week just riding it all the time and then after work I come at least once a weekend. It's a different ride every time."

Profitt and Laing are members of the American Coaster Enthusiast club.

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"I've been on every ride here (at Busch Gardens)," shared Profitt. "I've been on coasters all throughout the United States…I think everyone has their own preference on coasters, and I think, ultimately as long as every time, if you enjoy it, and it's something that makes you come back for more... as long as you can get off of it laughing and smiling that probably makes it the best."

"My first big one here was definitely Montu," added Laing. "I was finally tall enough for Montu and I got on it and I fell in love with roller coasters."

The teens say some of the best roller coasters in the United States are in Tampa. In fact, they both are more than impressed with the Iron Gwazi.

"From the drop to the end, there's no downtime, it's just go, go, go..." exclaimed Laing, "If you haven't done Iron Gwazi you're missing out."

Profitt expounds a bit more on his appreciation of the thrill ride, "This ride has been so well planned out and so well done... the ride's pacing is unmatched in my opinion."

"It really is a dream come true," he gushed, "It's my personal favorite."

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