Judge agrees to step aside in Trevor Summers case; trial set for December

Trevor Summers is complaining again. He says he's not seeing eye to eye with his latest attorney and wants him kicked off the case.

"It’s difficult getting through to him," Summers complained.

His fifth attorney doesn’t want to stick around either. Anthony Marchese told the court during a virtual hearing that the lack of trust and personality conflicts are getting in the way of mounting a strong defense.

"I see this train wreck going down the road," Marchese warned.

But after Summers fired four others, Tampa judge Mark Kiser said enough is enough.

"Personality disputes are not a basis for withdrawal," said Kiser, denying the request.

But Summers wasn't done fighting. His new target was Judge Kiser himself. He wanted the judge to remove himself from the case, claiming he was biased against him and therefore will not allow a fair hearing or trial. 

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In May of 2017, Summers was accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting his estranged wife Alisa and plotting a murder-suicide, but that plan was thwarted after a tipster called police and Summers was arrested.

Alisa, who is now remarried, plans to testify about all the abuse she suffered when she was with Summers.

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However, four years later, a jury has yet to hear those details and it could take even longer. Judge Kiser just agreed to step aside and recuse himself from the case. So now a new judge will take over.

Summers’ trial is now set for December.