"Justice is a pattern; it's not an event," Black Lives Matter holds Tampa rally, solidarity march

Several hundred Black Lives Matter protestors took to the streets Saturday calling for justice days after the conviction of Derek Chauvin and the passage of a controversial anti-riot bill. 

"Part of the conversation definitely needs to be that justice is a pattern. It's not an event," Black Lives Matter Tampa co-founder Donna Davis shared. "If we trust that our constitution can allow for social evolution then we expect it to protect us. They wrote dissent into it. It's there for a reason. Dissent is not just an aspect of democracy, it is foundational and fundamental to our democracy."

A Florida non-profit has filed a lawsuit against the governor in response to the new anti-riot law. Legacy Entertainment & Arts Foundation filed the lawsuit Wednesday in Orlando federal court, arguing the law violates First Amendment protections.

Meanwhile, Davis says they're continuing to demonstrate peace in the name of justice.

"George Floyd's case was adjudicated with his humanity at the center. We have established a system of justice in this country when all cases a adjudicated with the humanity of the individual at the center," Davis said.


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