Lakeland woman's Facebook page lists businesses that require face coverings

A Lakeland woman's Facebook page is helping shoppers identify businesses that require customers to wear face masks.

The page Lakeland Business - Operation Face Mask was developed by local real estate professional Heather Jackson last week after Lakeland City Commissioners shot down the idea of requiring people to wear a mask inside a public place.

Her list of businesses that require face coverings is growing. In the first six days, more than 100 Lakeland area businesses joined the page.

“It seems to be working,” Jackson told FOX 13.

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She says she has been especially wary of shopping almost anywhere, other than online, since the pandemic began months ago.

Both her parents are cancer survivors and have depressed immune systems. She is worried about possibly being exposed to the virus and bringing it home to her family.

This Thursday, Lakeland commissioners are holding a special meeting to reconsider mandating masks.

LINK: Visit the Lakeland Business - Operation Face Mask Facebook page for more information.