Law enforcement reiterate 'zero tolerance' for celebratory gunfire during Fourth of July weekend

Once again, law enforcement officials are warning residents of the dangers of celebratory gunfire ahead of the Fourth of July weekend. 

"Illogical thinking we agree," the Hernando County Sheriff's Office said in a statement, "because we all know that what goes up must come down; and in these cases, it's bullets moving at deadly speed."

However, despite the annual warnings, there have still been falling bullets across the country that have seriously injured or killed people on the 4th of July and on New Year's Eve.

In 2018, a man celebrating the New Year at a local St. Pete bar was hit in the groin by a bullet authorities believe was likely shot from miles away.

"If you have to tell people that if you shoot a gun up into the air the bullet has to come down somewhere. I mean if you're not smart enough to figure that out then you shouldn't own a gun to begin with," said Dan Casper, a friend of the victim hit in the 2018 mishap.

Last year during the Fourth of July celebrations, a falling bullet just missed a major artery in the neck of a Tampa teacher.

"It was just like a ton of bricks from above. Bam right in my neck. Instantly thrown to the ground," Samuel Rotker said at the time.

The sheriff's office said they will maintain a "zero tolerance" policy on illegal gun use during the holiday weekend.

"There are many ways to safely celebrate with family and friends.  Discharging a firearm is not one of them," said Sheriff Al Nienhuis in a statement.  "It's just too easy for people to get hurt.  Leave the firearms at home, in a safe and secure location."

Anyone who hears gunfire or sees anything suspicious is asked to call their local law enforcement agency.