Local author releases latest book in 'Tier One' series

Jeffrey Wilson has, needless to say, stayed busy during the coronavirus pandemic.  

The local author has just released book six in his best-selling "Tier One" series, titled "Collateral."  A seventh book will be out next year.  

Tier One follows John Dempsey and Task Force Ember in a continued effort to protect the United States.

Wilson may be one of the original remote workers.  With his writing partner, Brian Wilson, the two write separately in different places -- collaborating successfully. There is a lot we can learn these days from two men that have been at this for awhile.

It's not just the Tier One series either. Jeff and Brian are working on other projects as well.  Two more series of books as well as writing for the WEB Griffin Presidential Agent series. "Rogue Asset" will be released in 2021. 

Four books within one year. You have to wonder how they keep all the plots separate.