Mini-pantries popping up in Bay Area to help fight food insecurity

There is a new pantry in Bradenton to help people fighting food insecurity, and it was born out of a desire to help others.

Michelle Diamond built a “Little Free Pantry Box” in her yard in Harbor Hills. This small pantry is part of the “Mini-Pantry” movement sweeping the U.S.

“Harbor Hills Little Free Pantry is a box designed to supply the community with food free of charge 24-hours a day, seven days a week."

"Right now during COVID there is a real need for people to access food with any judgment. You simply drive up, walk up to the sidewalk, open the box, and pick what you need.” Diamond explained.

The box is stocked with dry goods like cereal, potatoes, canned vegetables, and toilet paper. There is a basket on the bottom with plant clippings if you would like to grow your own food, all free of charge. 

She has even put a few notebooks in the pantry in case there are any students that need school supplies She hopes that if anyone has a little extra that they will stop by and place the items in the pantry too. 

“’ Free Pantry’ is not a political affiliation,” Diamond said. “It’s not a religious affiliation. It’s just a simple act of sharing.”

To find a “Little Free Pantry” near you, log onto and type in your zip code.