More than 400 American flags honor veterans in Seminole

A sea of American flags can be seen on 113th St. in Seminole. The Kiwanis Breakfast Club of Seminole bought and placed each flag in honor of a veteran.

"Our very first Field of Honor in 2015, we had 24 flags. We ended up with 432 flags this year," stated David Green, chairman of the Field of Honor.

Every flag has a military streamer attached that shows the branch, years of service, and the name of the veteran being honored. 

"They are honoring a member of the Revolutionary War, some that were in the Battle of the Bulge, and some, of course, that were at Iwo Jima" added, Leah Hoffman, president of the Kiwanis Breakfast Club of Seminole. 

The Field of Honor was launched in partnership with the city of Seminole’s Red-White-Blue patriotic initiative and the community response has been overwhelming. 

Green added, "We have so many people that stop and go, what is this about, this is so amazing, this is so heartwarming, people approach you in tears."

"It makes your heart go pitter-patter. I am truly blessed to be an American," Hoffman shared.

The Field of Honor will remain up until December 1 in front of Seminole City Hall at 9199 113th St. and the Post Office at 9355 113th St. 

To add a name to the Field of Honor for 2021, visit the Kiwanis Club website here.


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