Newest axe throwing venue offers 15 lanes and certified coaches

Axe-throwing is a step up from darts and definitely more exciting than video games, which is why it’s growing in popularity.

The modern sport of axe throwing involves just what it sounds like, a competitor throwing an axe at a target, attempting to hit the bulls-eye as near as possible. 

Axe throwing has historically been an event in lumberjack competitions. But recently competitive axe throwing has exploded around America and there are several locations around Tampa Bay where you can grab an axe.

"Axe throwing has become a very popular sport over the years," explained Drew Waybright of Hatchet Hangout, a new bar in St. Pete. "It became very big back in 2017 when a bunch of axe throwing enthusiasts created the World Axe Throwing League."

Hatchet Hangout features 15 lanes for axe throwing. Waybright says what separates it from other venues is what they call a state-of-the-art axe throwing facility. 

"The coaches here at Hatchet Hangout are not just random guys off the street, but rather they are people who live and breathe axe throwing. All of our coaches are certified by the World Axe Throwing League, so they aren’t just people who know how to throw axes, but are truly certified in the art," Waybright continued. 

According to Hatchet Hangout, ESPN is coming in September for the Southern Regional Championship.

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