NFL legends get behind vaccination push

Earl Christy was part of the New York Jets team that won Super Bowl III, the one where Joe Namath famously guaranteed victory. Friday, Christy used his platform as an NFL alumnus to encourage others to get the vaccine

"We're gonna get through this thing. I believe in victory. We're going to have victory over this pandemic," he said. 

Christy was among a list of former pros supporting a vaccine push at Ana G. Mendez University. Anyone could get the shots and then meet, greet, and swap stories with some former NFL stars. 

"It was so great to see the stands filled up these past couple weekends. People want to get this behind us," said Walter Carter, a former Buccaneer and the president of the NFL Alumni Association in Tampa Bay. "This is a way we can all get together and unify around this and let's put this behind us." 

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Among those who got the vaccine was 85-year-old Edna McCauley. She admits she held off because she was nervous.

"I know a lot of people who don’t want to do it, a lot of my friends. I think they should do it because the pandemic is getting worse," McCauley said. 

She's now part of ‘Team Vaccine.'

"We’re achieving something that's special and we encourage people. We’re working together as a team. We're one," said Christy.